Royal Conversation

by Stephen Rhoda


Another royal wedding in our lifetime (for some of us) and yet another illustration of the vacuous nature of Christian conversation.  While the world is mesmerized by the royal family and Hollywood, why aren’t Christians more mesmerized by Christ the King?  His glory is greater than earth can compare, His greatness more pronounced.  Even more, He SHARES His glory and riches with each and all of His subjects!  So why don’t Christians talk more of Christ?  Why isn’t He constantly coming up in conversation?  Why isn’t He at the center of every sermon and the talk of the table at every family meal?  It can only be that we are, at best, blinded by the glitz and glamour of this world, and at worst, not really those who are looking to Him for salvation from sin.  Consider the evidence and ask yourself the crucial questions, “Do I truly know Christ?  Is He at the center of my life?  How can I claim faith and salvation in a Savior who so seldom enters my thought and conversation?”