Terse Verse

Mark 12:27 – “You are quite wrong.”


Such was the indictment of Jesus against the Sadducees who denied the resurrection, and here is the proof that Jesus did not come just to accept people as they are.  He confronted sin and error as an act of love for sinners, so that even if we adopt the simplistic approach of “What Would Jesus Do?” — we must be willing to identify sin as sin, as defined by God’s Word, and to call for repentance.  But simple repentance is not even the ultimate point, basically because no one can repent sufficiently to achieve righteousness and escape the judgment of God.  The point of being told “You are quite wrong,” is to be driven to our knees before God, crying out for His mercy in Christ.  Of us it must be said, “You are quite wrong,” but of Christ it must be said, “He, and only He, is fully right.”  And the great blessing of the Gospel is that those who repent AND believe in Him are credited by faith with the righteousness of Christ.